Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlashMe Xperience?

We are an interactive gallery offering the ultimate photo xperience where guests have the option to be featured in over 15 unique sets using their own camera or phone...or their own photographer! 


How do I purchase tickets?

Flash Me Xperience is a cashless facility and online booking is required.  Please utilize our online booking system for admission.


Is there a time limit?

Admission includes one hour to journey through the FlashMe Xperience. Admission is valid exclusively for the date and time slot  purchased.


What is your cancellation policy?

 All tickets are non-refundable. For your convenience, we offer the option to reschedule your session with 48-hour advance notice.


Will my photographer have to purchase a ticket?

 Yes, anyone entering the gallery must pay an admission fee.


Are changes of clothes allowed?

 Yes!  We welcome it for the different set designs and provide a private changing area.


Are food & drinks allowed?

 We do not allow food or drinks inside the gallery except for pre-approved private events.


Can we book the gallery for private events?

Private events are welcome!. Please reach out to us by emailing flashmexperience@gmail.com and one of our Xperience Gurus will contact you.