FlashMe Xperience is an Interactive Art Gallery on historic Jefferson Street in Nashville, Tennessee.  Established in February, 2021 and designed by Exhibit Creator and Museum Curator, Nichole Nunn, FlashMe is the first hybrid of its kind.  A unique blend of Selfie Photo Studio, traditional Art Gallery and escapist Set Design Museum, FlashMe is sure to provide The Ultimate Photo Xperience! Our fantastical, immersive scenes allow guests to journey through eclectic art while creating timeless memories. Dedicated to epic photo pleasure, FlashMe Xperience offers beautiful, quirky, outlandish and elegant sets for guests to let their imaginations run wild while experiencing the fun and freedom of creative photo liberation!  Whether you’re looking for stand out social media images or spectacular portraits, FlashMe is sure to offer you a creator’s paradise for mind-blowing photos, inspiration and content creation. Professional photographers and amateurs alike are welcome to try the FlashMe Xperience!