Nichole Nunn

Nichole Nunn, a native of North Nashville and a graduate of Tennessee State University,  spent many of her formative years in the same neighborhood in which FlashMe is housed today. Nichole kicked off her career in a corporate environment centered on customer service.  While she enjoys the business world, she prefers the freedom from traditional guidelines that being an entrepreneur allows. She yearned for a space where she could “color outside the box” and live a limitless reality - one that is centered around her passions and creative ability.  In 2017, she left her corporate job and took some time to get serious about her quest to discover what professional freedom looked like for her.

She wanted freedom to live her passions out loud and be a ray of hope while providing ultimate and epic experiences.  Her vision was manifested in the whimsical portals that comprise the FlashMe Xperience, portals that she envisioned and created from start to finish (with a little help from family and friends).

As a mom of two teenagers, Amari and Carrington, she is pleased to show them alternatives to working the typical Nine-to-Five. Her dream is for them to discover their passions and creative ability at an early age.  Nichole is a dreamer and enjoys cross country traveling, culturally diverse experiences, and spending time with family. She is an extreme manifester and believes that humans can be dreamcatchers. Nichole developed FlashMe Xperience as more than just a business, but as a movement to motivate, inspire and to provide hope in living out one’s passions in a beautiful and freeing manner.


Contact us today!  We look forward to inviting you to enjoy our space:  take some pictures while freeing yourself to experience the epic journey that is the FlashMe Xperience!  Thank you for taking the time to read our story.  In the FlashMe Xperience Gallery you will be able to witness Nichole’s level of commitment to her craft, her family, and to God.